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    Ground Engaging Tools : Bucyrus Blades Inc.



    Bucyrus Blades Inc. is a world class leader in design and manufacture of ground engaging tools for a wide range of equipment used in mining, quarry, and construction industries.

    With an experience of more than 5 decades, Bucyrus Blades offers cutting edges and end bits for all makes and models of dozers, excavators, loaders, graders, and routers for both conventional and elevating scrapers.

    Bucyrus Blades steels give superior resistance to impact breakage and abrasion wear, and longer service life.
           -Reduce operating costs
           - Far outwear standard cutting edges
           - Reduce downtime for changes
           - Save costs on replacing sets of bolts and nuts


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    Ground Engaging Tools : Metalogenia(MTG)



    METALOGENIA (MTG) gained recognition on the international market as one of the leading companies in the production of wear parts for earthmoving machinery. MTG products are mainly aimed at two markets: mining and construction. Two markets that move the Earth, that enable everything to be transformed, everything to change, everything to evolve...

    The MTG teeth increase the performance of the machine and the actual tooth. The result is identical penetration throughout the part's life. Thus, the digger is sure that the material extraction capacity will always be constant.

    The technical innovations of the MTG mean advantages for you
           -Greater duration and resistance
           -Greater ease for mounting and dismantling
           -Increased productivity and lower costs

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